Jabberkat Sales helps unique brands optimize their full potential in the marketplace by acting as their dedicated sales team. When you have a strong sales partner on your side, you give your product the best chance of retail success on and offline.


Extension of your brand

Consider Jabberkat as an extra arm of your business. We are extremely selective with the brands we partner with, and only take on a few accounts to make sure we can allot the necessary amount of time to make your brand a huge success. Much more than an outsourced sales team, we are committed to growing your brand for the long term. We consult and guide you every step of the way. Far from mere catalogue-pushers, our sales experts are hands-on and active in the field, continuously promoting, selling and developing your brand over time.

First comes the training

The better we know your product, the better we sell it. That’s why we’re strong believers in taking the necessary time upfront to learn everything there is to know about your brand, your product and what makes it unique from your competitors. Once our team is fully informed and trained, they begin to sell and build your brand in the market.

Knowing what works and what doesn’t

Jabberkat has years of experience selecting unique products and bringing them to market in effective ways. We are up-to-date and on-point when it comes to understanding current market trends and consumer demands. This translates into a sales service that gives your product the best chance of mass success.


Go-to-market strategy

We want you to hit the ground running. By creating a meticulously thought out and carefully put together go-to-market strategy, we ensure that your product is introduced to the market in a way that generates ample interest and solidifies impressive sales right from the start.

Marketing and campaigns

When you have a solid base, you set yourself up for success. Our strategic marketing campaigns act as the foundation upon which Jabberkat builds your sales and creates momentum for your product.

Managing your account

From backend administration right through to developing vendor relationships, Jabberkat handles your account from every angle. Over the years, our experience has shown that the more proactive we are with our vendors, the better products perform in a retail setting. We stay in constant communication with our vendors, educating them on your product, telling them what’s coming next, maintaining the relationship and working collaboratively. This results in better sell-through and more re-buys.

Ideal placement for long-term success

New to market? We develop the most ideal product placement to maximize your sales. Our product placement strategy and negotiation process involve packaging style and design, product displays, in-store positioning, spatial analysis of shelving and eye-level alignment. It is our priority to ensure that your product is placed in-store in a way that maximizes your sales potential.

Great Brands
Great Service

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