ThinOptics FrontPage Brooklyn Blue Light Blocker Computer Glasses 2.0


CAD $64.99

Are you experiencing headaches, sleep loss, eye strain, or dry, tired eyes? These are symptoms of excessive blue light exposure, and we’ve got the solution for you!

Our Brooklyn Computer glasses feature the same thin frame construction as all of our full frame reading glasses, helping you reduce eye strain from blue-light-emitting devices, like phones, tablets or computers — all while staying lightweight and durable.

Available in multiple lens strengths, these computer glasses will look great on you.

  • ThinOptics you’ll never lose your reading glasses again, because they’re stored right on your mobile phone
  • The provided adhesive tape allows the Pod to be attached to your phone or any hard flat surface, a tablet, car dashboard, or employee id badge
  • The Pod is roughly the size of a credit card, so you’ll no longer be annoyed by shoving bulky reading glasses into your purse
  • Our patented flex-grip technology enables ThinOptics reading glasses to flex open and grip onto virtually any nose
  • Our patented technology includes: Lenses produced from thermo-injection molded optical grade poly-carbonate