Jabberkat 3PL provides secure warehousing and shipping services for your product. When we act as your dedicated third-party logistics partner behind the scenes, you have more time to focus on the other important aspects of your business.


10,000 square-foot warehouse

Jabberkat 3PL owns and operates 10,000 square feet of secure and insured warehousing space. All our warehouse staff members are bonded, adding an extra layer of security for your products.

Fast shipping

We know you want your product delivered to paying customers as quickly as possible. With a comprehensive system in place and ample staff to support it, we’re able to ship out the vast majority of our products same day for all orders processed before 3:00pm EST.

Equipped for a wide range of products

From large to small, heavy to light, our warehousing space is strategically organized to handle all kinds of products – anything from refrigerators right through to fine jewellery. Also authorized to warehouse the different classes of dangerous goods, there are no limits to what Jabberkat 3PL can do for your business.


Distribution expertise

Thanks to our 10 years of experience in distribution, Jabberkat 3PL brings a unique knowledge set to the table. Our team is already familiar with the many varied and wide-ranged Service Level Agreements (SLAs) from different retailers in the market. Each store has its own distinct shipping requirements which must be followed to a T. When you warehouse and ship with Jabberkat 3PL, you have a trusted partner to rely on, ensuring that you’re always following retailer guidelines and never receiving fines that could have been avoided. 

Accurate and reliable

Jabberkat 3PL is focused on perfection. We have the people, processes and technologies in place to make sure your product goes out in good condition, is delivered on time, follows the necessary shipping requirements at the retail level, and is accurately packaged according to precisely what your customer ordered.

Kitting and product display preparation

Does your product need an in-store display? When it comes to sell-through at the store level, your display is just as important as your product. Jabberkat 3PL designs and creates complete displays that make your product pop off the shelf! Then we take care of kitting, packaging and shipping your display directly to retail stores for on-floor placement.


Representing you

A great 3PL partner knows how to represent its clients well. As your chosen third-party logistics service, we take our job very seriously. From following retailer rules, to ensuring order accuracy, to delivering products as quickly as possible, Jabberkat 3PL is a seasoned expert. We pay attention to the details and work reliably so you’re always giving your customers a good impression.

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